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B1   B1 18th Birthday
B10   B10 100th Birthday
B11   B11 Unforgettable Birthday
B12   B12 Sausage on a Stick
B13   B13 Top Dog
B14   B14 Party Animal
B15   B15 Westie for my Bestie
B16   B16 Birthday Bunnies
B2   B2 21st Birthday
B3   B3 30th Birthday
B4   B4 40th Birthday
B5   B5 50th Birthday
B6   B6 60th Birthday
B7   B7 70th Birthday
B8   B8 80th Birthday
B9   B9 90th Birthday
BB1   BB1 Boys No.1 Teddy
BB10   BB10 Boys No.10 Rugby
BB11   BB11 Happy Birthday (blue)
BB12   BB12 Boys Bunting
BB13   BB13 Happy Birthday Tractor
BB14   BB14 Happy Birthday Anchor
BB15   BB15 Boy's Presents
BB2   BB2 Boys No.2 Cars
BB3   BB3 Boys No.3 Train
BB4   BB4 Boys No.4 Monkeys
BB5   BB5 Boys No.5 Tractors
BB6   BB6 Boys No.6 Pirates
BB7   BB7 Boys No.7 Soldiers
BB8   BB8 Boys No.8 Footballs
BB9   BB9 Boys No.9 Stars
BG1   BG1 Girl's No.1 Teddy
BG10   BG10 Girl's No.10 Circles
BG11   BG11 Happy Birthday (pink)
BG12   BG12 Birthday Princess
BG13   BG13 Birthday Cupcake
BG14   BG14 Birthday Fairy
BG15   BG15 Birthday Red Floribunda
BG16   BG16 Happy Birthday Cows
BG17   BG17 Happy Birthday Sheep
BG18   BG18 Happy Birthday Ponies
BG19   BG19 Happy Birthday Pigs
BG2   BG2 Girl's No.2 Bunnies
BG20   BG20 Happy Birthday Ducks
BG21   BG21 Girl's Presents
BG22   BG22 Cherry Cupcake
BG23   BG23 Spring Chicken
BG3   BG3 Girl's No.3 Cupcakes
BG4   BG4 Girl's No.4 Mice
BG5   BG5 Girl's No.5 Fairies
BG6   BG6 Girl's No.6 Mermaid
BG7   BG7 Girl's No.7 Teatime
BG8   BG8 Girl's No.8 Butterflies
BG9   BG9 Girl's No.9 Flowers
BV1   BV1 Bon Voyage
C1   C1 Church
CH1   CH1 Pudding Birdhouse
CH2   CH2 Ho Ho Ho
CH3   CH3 Merry Christmas
CH4   CH4 Festive Branch
CH5   CH5 Let it Snow
CH6   CH6 Christmas Lovebirds
CH7   CH7 Christmas Wreath
CH8   CH8 Christmas Tree
E1   E1 Blue Lovebirds
E2   E2 The Owl & the Pussycat
G1   G1 Well done
G10   G10 Pots of Love
G11   G11 Lovely Mum
G12   G12 With Love (Pot)
G2   G2 Super Great Lovely
G3   G3 Circles
G5   G5 Tree of Hearts
G6   G6 Branch of Hearts
G7   G7 Red Love Hearts
G8   G8 Blue Flower Heart
G9   G9 Lavender Wreath
GL1   GL1 Good Luck
GWS1   GWS1 Get Well Soon
NB1   NB1 Baby Boy
NB2   NB2 Baby Girl
NB3   NB3 Boy Pram
NB4   NB4 Girl Pram
NH1   NH1 New Home
NH2   NH2 Spring Cottage
S1   S1 With Sympathy
TH1   TH1 Thank You
W1   W1 Wedding Cake
W2   W2 Congratulations

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